Rory McDermott

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After contributing to the success of many Advertising, Printing and Graphic Design companies during the last 25 years, Rory is happy to bring his expertise to VR Business Brokers. His prior experience includes executive roles both in Europe and America and across a range of sectors including hospitality, pharmaceutical, educational services, financial services and telecommunications. An avid traveler, Rory jumped at the opportunity to set up an advertising agency on the sunny island of Cyprus. As soon as Cyprus joined the EU, Rory decided to sell the company’s stake in the business and moved to America to pursue his dream of starting a business in NYC. His passion for travel and business continued to grow, and he followed opportunities further south to North Carolina. Rory brings a unique combination of creativity, astute business acumen, integrity, and strong communication skills to his clients. Rory is a graduate of Cambridge University in Cambridge, England, remains a partner with English Design Studio and in his spare time you can catch him rooting for his favorite rugby team. Rory can be reached at [email protected].

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