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When choosing to sell your Raleigh business, choose a local business brokerage firm that’s part of an international business brokerage family. Choose VR Business Brokers of the Triangle, located here in Raleigh, NC.

VR Business Brokers of the Triangle is locally owned and operated, with a professional office suite for confidential buyer/seller meetings just off Six Forks Road on Wind Chime Court. Trying to meet buyers at your place of business will compromise your position for maximum value. A professional business broker from VR Business Brokers can provide a buyer a site visit at your facility, then move the conversation and negotiations to the VR office where you can answer questions away from employees and clients.

VR Business Brokers are highly qualified to handle the sale of your Raleigh business with decades of business experience right here in the Raleigh market. VR Business Brokers has done deals dating back to the 1980s right here in Raleigh. Today, we continue to be integrated in the fabric of the Raleigh business community, with strong relationships with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and similar Raleigh business associations.

VR Business Brokers are solely focused on selling businesses. While we can assist business owners with real estate transactions, we are focused on the sale of your business. Because commercial real estate brokers are focused on the land and structures involved in a real estate transaction, some lack the training and experience to recognize the full value that you have created through your business. VR knows how to express that value to buyers.

VR Business Brokers of the Triangle located in Raleigh, NC is focused on “Main Street” businesses just like yours. Our office is best suited to help business owners with gross receipts of $500K- $5M. If this sounds like your business, we can help.

VR Business Brokers also has a network of trusted business advisors who are Raleigh based. If you need a vetted business attorney, CPA, financial advisor, business consultant… we have a wide selection of local professionals to fit your needs to properly close your deal, mitigate the tax consequences, and invest your proceeds.

Choose wisely, choose VR Business Brokers of the Triangle located in Raleigh, NC.

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