Anthony Todd Quire

Anthony Todd Quire

Anthony Todd Quire

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Personal Experience

Native of Louisville, Kentucky. Anthony received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 2005 and Masters in Public Administration from Kentucky State University. He got his first introduction in business after managing his father’s condominiums for a few years starting in 2006 where he took the properties from a negative cash flow and turned the business around into a profitable business. He then became involved in buying his own properties and has bought, sold, and managed commercial and residential investment properties for the last ten years. He has a passion for helping people in the business realm and being transparent in what he can do to help them move onto new challenges and stages of their life. He met Neal when inquiring about a business and decided it would be great to be part of the VR team and help other people sell their businesses.

  • BA in Political Science in 2005, Kentucky State University
  • Master’s in Public Administration 2013, Kentucky State University
  • Cambridge Who’s Who Executive, Professional, and Entrepreneurs 2010-2011

Anthony can be reached at [email protected].

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