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Legalization of the Immigration Process: The requirements for obtaining work visas and residency in the U.S. are definitely more stringent than those required by other countries, even the European community because of the high demand for immigrants wishing to settle in the United States. These requirements are becoming more demanding because of the events associated with the recent terrorist attacks and the actions of the Trump Administration.

Even after getting the desired immigration visa, there are many other problems that must be addressed and resolved to achieve stability in the United States.

The economic reality that we live in the United States combined with the high competition that exists in the labor market, significantly reduces job opportunities for most foreign professionals, regardless of experience or educational credentials. As a result, the need to get another source of stable income, other than salary, becomes an absolute priority.

VR Business Brokers has sold numerous businesses where the investor secured a U.S. visa as part of the process, including nonimmigrant (E-2, L-1 and H-1B) and immigrant (EB-5) visas.

  • We work with you to select one business that matches your knowledge, management style, working hours, economic requirements, immigration and financial capacity.
  • Through recognized lawyers specializing in immigration advice, the whole process is addressed before you purchase your business.
  • We aid in the selection process of housing, finance, colleges, and anything else that helps settle your family in North Carolina.

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