Business Buyer Lead Program

The Business Buyer Lead Program



The Business Buyer Lead Program Introductory Video

This Program Is Best For

Owners Seeking To Sell Their Business

The program delivers business buyers to business owners representing the sale of their own business!

Businesses That May Not Be Producing Huge Profits

The program is the best fit for Owners who can’t sell a business based on Cash Flow.

Owners Who Can’t or Don’t Want To Pay A Commission At Closing

The program enables the business owners to avoid paying a commission to a broker when they find their business buyer!

How It Works

Get Started

We send you our virtual contract and payment link.

Build Your Marketing

We work together to build your marketing materials using our technology to answer the most common questions that business buyers will want to know about your businesses.  The marketing includes a “Blind” listing to keep the name/location of your business confidential, and a detailed report that answers most of your buyers questions so that you can focus on getting your deal done instead of answering the frequently asked questions when you get the call from your buyer.  We only share the full report after buyers have shown interest in the blind listing and signed a document promising to keep the sale of your business confidential…

Sell Your Business

We send you business buyers to buy your business after they’ve signed the confidentiality agreement and received access to the comprehensive report.  It contains your contact information, and we share their contact information with you as well.  We also provide you introductions our deal closing partners to close your deal once you have reached a “meeting of the minds” with one of the buyers we introduce you too.


Client Testimonial


“VR Business Brokers provided us a cost-effective way to source and screen business buyers for our established business for sale.  We’re glad they offered this solution that fit the challenge we faced.  They used their connections, technology and marketing to help us move to the next chapter for our business.” – Dick Kauffman,  Fantastic Sams



Your Marketing Team:

Neal, Brian, & Wenli are here to help YOU market your business!

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We can’t wait to help you succeed!