opinion of value of business

Opinion of Value


At VR Business Brokers of the Triangle, we help business owners determine their exit options with a business valuation in Raleigh, NC. When business owners are trying to evaluate if it is a good time to sell their business, they often ask us, “how much is my business worth?” To help these business owners make a more informed decision, we offer an Opinion of Value.


A Opinion of Value is a tool to help determine the most likely selling price for a business in the current marketplace. When we offer our business valuation services in North Carolina, we begin with this service. It is based on the guidelines set forth by the IBBA’s Certified Business Intermediary Program. While it isn’t intended to resolve disputes or for legal purposes, it can help inform business owners about what their business will most probably sell for. It’s the perfect solution for those seeking a business valuation in Raleigh.

The Opinion of Value includes components like:

  • Explanation of Methodologies
  • Analysis of Expenses by Industry Benchmarks
  • Recasting of Income Statements/Tax Returns
  • Comps of similar businesses sold
  • Reconciliation of comps
  • Statement of Most Probable Sales Price

Using the Opinion of Value, business owners can determine whether they want to list their business for sale at the most probable sales price, or at a discounted price if they’re looking to sell quickly. Without knowing the most probable sales price, business owners won’t know whether or not an offer made by a prospective buyer is a “good deal.”

Occasionally our clients ask us about the difference between business appraisals in Raleigh versus a business valuation in Raleigh. These terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. A business valuation includes value that is tangible as well as intangible. For example, we’ll look at assess like patents and trademarks, branding, accounts receivable as well as reputation, risk and liabilities. On the other hand, business appraisals in Raleigh focus more on tangible assets and a company’s value in the marketplace. Appraisals are often used for legal situations, such as divorce and bankruptcy, whereas business valuations are used to by sellers to help determine the best asking price when selling their business.

opinion of value of business